AHA eCards

AHA eCards

Dear American Heart Association Training Center,

Beginning January 1, 2018, all US-based AHA Training Centers (TCs) will be required to use AHA eCards for issuing course completion cards to providers and students who successfully complete the requirements of AHA courses.

For those AHA TCs not currently using eCards, this conversion to eCards will be required upon renewal of your AHA TC Agreement (TCA). For example, if your TCA is scheduled to be renewed in March 2018, your TC will move to eCards only at that time. Also, TCs currently issuing both eCards and print cards will convert to eCards only upon TCA renewal.

Why is the AHA requiring eCards?
The simple answer is quality improvement. Not only do eCards provide higher security than print cards and reduce the risk of counterfeit cards, they also will allow for data-driven, continuous quality improvement in AHA CPR and ECC training. Improving the quality of training - and therefore victim and patient outcomes - is at the heart of everything AHA CPR and ECC does to further our lifesaving mission.

More information about eCards will be forthcoming.