Health Professions Students

In-State Students

In the 11-county region, Mid-Carolina AHEC provides clinical rotation support for health professions students.  Based on the particular goals and needs of the academic program, these services vary.  Health professions student services include:

*  Identification of clinical rotation sites.
*  Assistance in securing site specific mandates for the student and academic center.Assistance

*  Assistance in locating housing resources.  
   Mid-Carolina AHEC maintains cluster housing for students affiliated with in-state institutions, within a reasonable driving distance to a majority of our clinical sites.

*  Student orientation to the community. 
*  Networking with community health agencies
*  Clinical site visits.
*  Technology support.

Mid-Carolina AHEC, Inc. has housing in the following rural cities at no cost to the student: Camden, Chester, and Lancaster. Columbia Housing is available for $75 a week for ALL students, including out-of-state AND in-state students.

Upon request, rotations in allied health, in addition to those routinely provided to our affiliated programs listed below, can be provided for students enrolled in health profession degree programs in South Carolina.

*  Eward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
*  MUSC Family Medicine Rural rotation clerkship for 3rd year medical students
*  MUSC College of Health Professions, includes the Division of Physician Assistant Studies
*  MUSC College of Nursing
*  North Greenville University-Physician Assistant Program
*  Presbyterian College of Pharmacy
*  SC College of Pharmacy
*  USC College of Nursing
*  MUSC Physician Assistant Program

Due to the extremely large number of nurse practitioner students requesting rotations, please note that we are unable to fulfill all requests we receive.  NP students attending in-state schools will receive first priority.  Requests for in-state students will be filled in the order requests are received.  Again we do not have the capacity to fill all requests received!

Out of State Students

Students attending out-of-state schools should note placements are first scheduled for students attending in-state schools.

When available, the center provides health professions student support to out-of-state institutions.  In order to access available clinical placement sites in the region, the school (preferably the coordinator) works directly with AHEC staff to coordinate the clinical placement at a cost of $100/placement.

  • Student housing is available at a cost of $75/week
  • Columbia Housing is $75 a week for ALL students, including out-of-state AND in-state students

* Students from out-of-state academic programs seeking clinical rotations, please contact our HPS coordinator for help with a placement. Housing is also available for a nominal fee.


The following PDF forms are fillable.  Please fill them out, and you can email them to Casey Cato at 

Housing Request Form

Placement Request Form for Out-of-State Students and NPs

Mid-Carolina AHEC, Inc. Health Professions Student Coordinator

Casey Cato

Sara Newton